Given that we are a new organization, our focus has initially been on raising funds through various events that will allow us to support and approve grant requests.

That being said, we are now happy to receive your grant requests/proposals.  Please include background information, study objectives, study design, expected outcomes, associated costs, resources, timing, etc.

We recognize and appreciate that a lot of effort and work goes into creating these proposals and we thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this regard.

Please note that the SDHB PheoPara Coalition has committed to ensuring that most of the funding provided actually goes to research or educational activities, hence, we have set a policy that 90% of the grant is against direct costs and no more than 10% is for indirect costs.  Grants will not be issued unless these terms are met.  Thank you for your understanding…

Please submit your request to

Thank you.

The SDHB PheoPara Coalition